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Define primo and secondo alternate page turns for piano duets
I just bought MobileSheets today as it looks far better than using adobe for page turns and annotations with the sylus on my Surface.
I've read the manual and had a play with custom pages but can't get it to easily do what I want; hoping someone can explain and if not consider it a new feature request.

Frequently for piano duets/2 piano work the secondo part is printed on the left and the primo part on the right.
I can view both of these in landscape mode and turn the page - almost legible if the original pages are portrait.
When the original pages are both landscape, it's unreadable.
What I want to be able to do is in the song options, define odd pages = secondo and even pages = primo (or whichever way it is for the piece in question) then have the option in BOTH portrait and landcape performance and edit modes to choose from view primo, view secondo, or view both (which is the current default).
I've seen I can fudge it using the custom page order but when it's a long piece, if we swap parts I have to redfine them again.
I hope what I want to do makes sense, let me know if not!
The song versioning feature I have planned for the future will probably address that, as you'll be able to define multiple versions of the song - one that uses odd page, one that uses even pages, and one that uses both. Then you'll be able to load whichever version you need.

In the meantime, the best thing to do is to create multiple copies of the song (long press or right-click the song and select "Copy" at the top of the screen). Then you can name each copy appropriately, have one use odd, one use even and one use both. It's essentially the same idea as the song versioning, but you'll have three instances of the song show up on the library screen. 

Alternatively, you can utilize a touch or pedal action to trigger turning two pages at a time. You can then load the song, and turn two pages at a time as needed (if you start with an even page, you'll stay on even pages, and if you start on odd, you'll stay on odd). You can use the single page turn action if you want to view all of the pages of the song.

Hi Mike,
Thanks very much for coming back to me so quickly with the workarounds until versioning is in place - much appreciated.

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