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Keyboard hides text annotation during editing
When I try to edit a text annotation the keyboard comes up and hides the text to be edited. I am working with Version 3.0.8.
Thanks for any help

MobileSheets Android 3.0.8
Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2018, 10.5) (SM-T590)
Android 10
To see if I could see what you are experiencing, I've just tried editing for the first time since upgrading to 3.0.8,
Had the same affect as you - press for text in lower portion of screen obscured the area I wanted to annotate. Typed text in anyway and it appeared somewhere up the page. Pressing the back arrow on the tablet (not MSP) removed the keyboard and the added text displayed where I thought it should be.

Tried a few more times (including different songs). Could not reproduce - starting to annotate text where the keyboard would display resulted in the page scrolling up so that you could see where it is going.
Played around a bit more. Managed to get a similar occurrence where page didn't scroll up but not sure exactly what I did.
(Note during this, I was only using the text tool, the selector (in several places) and the tablet back button.
My guess is that the annotations are being displayed (as they are entered) in the area of the screen that they would have been in had the page been scrolled to accommodate the keyboard. When the keyboard is removed, MSP is displaying them at the correct place in the doc. I also think that once the page is scrolled up, it always scrolls as it should i.e. you need to change songs to experience non-scrolling again. This is a intermittent; it doesn't appear on every song (I'm only using pdfs)

Not quite sure why it doesn't always scroll up, but, by fiddling/experimenting, you can probably get it to do what you want/expect while waiting for Mike to investigate/clarify/fix

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
On my Samsung Tab S4 running Android 10, the text is always scrolled into view for me. I have code in place that detects when the virtual keyboard is displayed, and when that occurs, I shift the page up by a percentage of the screen height, as there is no way to figure out the exact height of the virtual keyboard so that was the easiest solution. If this is not working for you (or any others), I'm going to need to know the following information:

1) What kind of device are you using and what OS version is it running?
2) What are the steps to reproduce the issue?
3) Does the problem occur with every song you have tested with?
4) What display mode and page scaling mode do you have selected?
5) Are you using your device in portrait or landscape orientation?
6) What virtual keyboard are you using (i.e did you install a custom one)?
7) Does the problem occur both when creating new text annotation as well as when editing existing annotations?
8) Does the problem only occur while editing version 2.9.6 annotations or 3.0.0+ annotations as well?
9) Does the screen scroll at all for you, or not at all when the keyboard is displayed?

Similarly to Geoff Bacon experience,
Using the default keyboard on my Onyx Lumi, the text is shifted above the keyboard and when I'm done the text is positioned at the right location.
Using the MS SwiftKey (highly recommended) is even better, I can see what I'm typing on the top row of the keyboard itself where the suggested words usually appear.
The screen doesn't scroll on any of the keyboards, the text is simply shown above or on the keyboard until the keyboard is removed.
In short, I don't experience 'blind typing' with any of the available keyboards.
Onyx Boox Max Lumi 13.3 -Android 10
Dell Latittude 5290 2-in1 (Win 11)
Donner BT pedal
Victoria, BC, Canada - PST (UTC-8)
After some trying I found that the problem for me only exists with old annotations;with those created with V, 3 everything works as it should.
Thank you very much

MobileSheets Android 3.0.8
Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2018, 10.5) (SM-T590)
Android 10
If you can long press your song containing those annotations, tap Share->Export as .msf and send the .msf file to mike@zubersoft.com, I can test to see if I can reproduce what you are seeing.


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