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CSVFILE of " The Cuban Fake Book Col.1 "
I don't have a CSV yet, but I can provide a good starting point.

I have a list of titles, composers and the page numbers as printed in the book: CubanFakeBook.xlsx
And I have the book as PDF with PDF bookmarks.

I exported the bookmarks file CubanFakebook_bookmarks.txt (using jPdfBookmarks) that contains the correct PDF pages, did some search&replace (using Notepad++) and converted it to CubanFakebook_EditedBookmarksExport.xlsx

If I had the time to do it I would proceed as follows:
- copy the columns of CubanFakebook_EditedBookmarksExport.xlsx additionally into CubanFakeBook.xlsx
- proof-read and correct titles and composers
- use LibreOffice Calc to calculate Page Order, example formulas can be found in CubanFakeBook.xlsx
- optional: add keys
- make a backup copy of the completed XLSX file
- delete all columns that are not required for the CSV file
- create CSV using "save as" out of LibreOffice Calc

I attached all the mentioned files so you can give it a try. It's worth getting familiar with a workflow as described above, it's much faster than typing everything. Good luck, have fun.

Attached Files
.xlsx   CubanFakeBook.xlsx (Size: 10.01 KB / Downloads: 12)
.txt   CubanFakebook_bookmarks.txt (Size: 6.74 KB / Downloads: 6)
.xlsx   CubanFakebook_EditedBookmarksExport.xlsx (Size: 7.75 KB / Downloads: 10)
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