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CSVFILE of " The Cuban Fake Book Col.1 "
(03-16-2021, 04:19 PM)itsme Wrote: There are some small issues left, see attached screenshot

e.g. Alardoso;10-nov;Cuban Fakebook 1
Excel / Calc misinterpreted as date
possible solution: set the format of the "Pages" column to "Text"
some typical issues of OCR'ed texts are still there (you probably used the exported bookmarks file)
e.g. bodeguero, EI - EI with uppercase I instead of lowercase l
what might help
- use a font where these characters look different (e.g. Tahoma instead of Arial, I never understood why Arial became the standard font in so many cases)
- comparing "title" of the provided files CubanFakeBook.xlsx and CubanFakebook_EditedBookmarksExport.xls
it might be helpful to copy the columns temporarily into one XLSX file and add a column with a comparison formula like =WENN(B5<>D5;"x";"") that marks lines with differences

I corrected the mentioned lines, but there are probably more of the OCR issues.

btw.: I use "Albums" for fakebook names and "Collections" for the bands and line-ups I play with, but that's a matter of personal preferences and can be changed easily


I don’t know how to solve the problem, 10-nov ( instead of 10-11 ) etc... I have put a "text" format for the cells but I always have a date instead of 10-11 when i open again

if someone knows the tip for excel I’m a taker.


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