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Switch Library needs to change ALL settings
Hey! I've run into a problem that may be too big for MS.
I use it for church, not a problem, works great, Dropbox, etc.

Unfortunately, I also would like to use it for my jazz gigs (because I think it would be awesome!).
So here's where I'm running into the problem.

My church Dropbox folder stays close to the size limit. Also, I don't want jazz/pop songs in there.
I created a new Library and switched to it, but my Storage location is still my church Dropbox.
I then changed the Storage Location.
I was then told it was moving my files!
I immediately changed back... and it said it was moving them again. Argh!

What I would like... and I would think this has come up before... is when you Switch Library, absolutely EVERY setting can be changed and only applies to that Library. Especially Storage.

Is there something I'm missing? Please let me know if there's a work-around.
Or maybe I have to buy it again under a different name? Would that work? Just login each time?
Thanks so much!

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Switch Library needs to change ALL settings - by saxmaneric - 03-24-2021, 08:07 AM

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