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Wireless midi for page turns
I'm considering buying this app.  What I need most is the ability to automatically turn pages in synch with my daw over wifi for recording.  I assume it would be implemented by midi commands.
I don't currently support MIDI over WiFi (but that is something I'm going to look into supporting when time allows, and I even bought hardware for testing). If you can connect your DAW over USB or Bluetooth, then you can certainly turn pages using MIDI commands. You would just go to Settings->MIDI Settings->MIDI Actions and set up the commands you want to use to trigger page turns. The DAW would just need to send those commands at the appropriate times. Let me know if you have any additional questions about this.

The main limiting factor is the availability of a library that I can use for MIDI over WiFi. The only one that I found in the past was not for commercial use, and when I contacted them, they wanted a portion of every sale in order to use their library. That was a deal-breaker, as MIDI over WiFi is not that important of a feature for me to fork over a large percentage of each sale. So I will have to write my own implementation for MIDI over WiFi for Android. For Windows 10 devices, you can use MIDI over WiFi by utilizing a virtual MIDI port in combination with rtpMIDI. 

Mike, thank you for the amazingly fast response!  Maybe I'll have to run a reaaally long usb cable into the iso booth.  I'll drop you a line if I do and have difficulty.

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