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Sync library copying files that haven't changed
I imported the second .msf file you sent me on my Surface Pro 4, synchronized my PC to the Surface Pro 4, and it did send over the files for the song. This is most likely because the timestamp for the songs on the two devices didn't match, so it forced the Surface Pro 4 to match the PC. If I synchronize a second time, then no changes were detected and no files were sent. I'm going to see if I can identify why files were transmitted on the first synchronize (I would think the CRC check should have identified that the files were identical on each device) but I still don't have a way of reproducing what you all are seeing where the same songs are flagged as different each time. Perhaps if I solve the issue with files being transmitted unnecessarily after the first sync, this will solve what you are seeing as well.

Looks like I spoke too soon. I had forgotten that I had cleaned up the audio files so that there weren't duplicates. If I clean up the song on both devices so that there are no duplicates and then I sync, I see nothing sent. So I still have no way of reproducing any issues at the moment. I will test with smart buttons with different paths next. wthalliii, if you can, please try removing all the duplicate audio files, then sync again and see if anything is transmitted that you believe shouldn't be.


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RE: Sync library copying files that haven't changed - by Zubersoft - 03-31-2021, 05:30 AM

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