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Keyboard Shortcuts?
I've searched high and low (and back to 2014!) but don't seem to find any info relating to Keyboard Shortcuts.
Has anyone else run across this or is it not available?
Hello Eric,

The pedal actions can be used for keyboard shortcuts, as a pedal action is nothing more than a mapping of a key to an action (as bluetooth pedals act like a computer keyboard and just send a key when pressed, such as "page down"). I do have plans to add a dedicated key bindings screen in the future for the Windows 10 version to make this more intuitive though. If there are specific shortcuts you need that aren't listed in the pedal actions, let me know what those are and we can discuss them. There are a few keyboard shortcuts that may not be immediately obvious:

1) Hitting F11 toggles between fullscreen and windowed mode
2) If you enter a search term in the search box on the library screen, one result shows up and you hit enter, it will load that song
3) If you enter a serach term in the search box and hit the down arrow, it will allow the keyboard to be used to select an entry in the list
4) If you hide the cursor in performance mode, escape brings the cursor back
5) If you hit 'S' while viewing songs in a setlist, it will bring up the search dialog to search for a song in the active setlist.

Hey Mike!
Key bindings would be AWESOME! ;-)
My main issue right now is that I've imported a couple hundred songs. I need to attach audio files to each one.

What I would like to be able to do, for instance, would be (for example):
1. press E (Alt E, etc) to edit a song that I've selected
2. press A (Alt A, etc) to open the Audio tab
3. press F (or whatever) to open the Folders
4. I would select audio and go back
5. then press ALT-N to save and go to the next file

That's just an example of what I'm wishing for. I did find the "Save and Edit Next" feature, so that has helped tons.
Also, I've shrunk the entire program to the absolute smallest size to make my mouse movements shorter.
I've gotten a routine going, already have a hundred or so done, still about 200 to go. So many Jazz Songs I play... who knew!?!?!!

Just FYI, I have a program (somewhere, I have to track it down) that will record and replay mouse clicks and movements.
I think I'll make that my first priority. I can do the first song, then record everything from "Save and Next" up to the audio file.
At least, I think that'll work. I've done it with batching pictures in the past, so I'm confident.

Thanks again for all the awesome work and program. Hope I'm not driving you too crazy with ideas! ;-)

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