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Annotations changing position
Hi Mike and community,
with the new MSP 3.0.9 on Windows 10 I experience the problem that may of my annotations are shown not exactly where they should be, but displaced (mostly to the right, I think). I found that changing the orientation and/or the display mode (one/two page, edit on/off) will displace them differently. It seems to work best with single page view; in annotation mode it will be correct also with two pages displayed. I use the "next song" bar permanently; if I turn it off, it seems to display correctly on two page display, too.

Does anybody experience similar issues or have an idea how to fix this?
Thanks for your help!
I have a bug fix coming for this with the next update. You'll see the annotations shift if the page is pushed down by the song overlay (or the next song bar). If the overlay is not shown, and nothing else if cause the page to have to scale down, the annotations should be positioned correctly.

Great, thank you, who could whish for a better answer than „already fixed“? Keep on your great work!

Just to point out that the shift is very accentuated when zooming-in with overlay.
This is happening in my 2 tablets but I imagine that it's the same problem described here in Windows.

See example 
Onyx Boox Max Lumi 13.3 -Android 10
Samsung Note Pro 12.2 -Android 5.1.1
Donner BT pedal

Victoria, BC, Canada - PST (UTC-8)
Thanks for bringing that to my attention - I'll take a look at the Android code to see if I can determine why that is occurring.

Hi Mike,
I just updated to version 3.1.0, but the problem does not seem to be gone completely: My annotations are now at the right place when the "next song" bar is shown, but they jump slightly to the left if I open edit mode with its additional grey bars above and below the sheet display... actually, that's not a big problem, because I'll try to leave this mode if I want to actually read the music anyways, but it's a little confusing and probably not intended...?  Angel
I am able to reproduce what you have described. It's a little different than the problem that was fixed with version 3.1.0, as it only occurs when the next up title bar is shown. I will see if I can get it fixed for version 3.1.1.

Thank you, I hope this won‘t take too much of your time!
If it turns out to be complicated, just leave it as it is... ;-)

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