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Issue with PDF bookmarks when swapping files
I am having an issue with bookmarks disappearing in Mobile Sheets when a pdf is swapped with a replacement file where a bookmarked page is replaced with another page.

If I load a pdf with bookmarks, all the bookmarks appear, as they should.  The issue arises when I edit the file (with a pdf editor), replacing a bookmarked page and resetting the bookmark destination to the new page.  The bookmark for the page at was replaced does not appear in Mobile Sheets, even though a pdf viewer shows that bookmark.

These are the workarounds that I have tried -
1.  Using a different filename for the new pdf.
2.  Deleting all of the bookmarks and reentering them in a pdf with the same file name.
3.  Deleting all of the bookmarks and creating a new pdf with a different file name.
4.  Deleting the original song title and pdf, then importing the new pdf with the same title.
5.  Importing the new pdf with a different filename (with no relationship to the old filename) and different title.

I do like the functionality of Mobile Sheets (as far as I am using it), with the exception of how it is currently handling edited pdfs and bookmarks.

Jeff Chan

There are a few things I need to verify:

1) Are you editing the file in the storage location where MobileSheets is pointing to? If you edit the original location where the file was imported from, MobileSheets is not going to be looking at that file, so I just want to verify you are editing the files under the storage location (which is listed under Settings->Storage->Set MobileSheets Storage Location).
2) You said you imported a new PDF with a different file name with the modified bookmark. This should have created a new song in MobileSheets unrelated to the original song. If you load this song and bring up the bookmarks window and "Show PDF Bookmarks" is enabled, are you saying that you don't see the bookmark you modified? What application did you use to edit the bookmark?
3) Are you just utilizing the bookmark window with "Show PDF Bookmarks" enabled as described in #2, or are you relying on the conversion to MobileSheets bookmarks which occurs if you enable Settings->Import Settings->Convert PDF Bookmarks?
4) If you go to Settings->Display Settings->Render Preference, do you have it set to "Quality" or "Speed"? If you switch this, it changes which PDF library MobileSheets utilizes to load PDFs. If you switch this setting, does it change anything in relation to the bookmarks?

The PDF editor I use is Adobe Acrobat. If I just edit an existing PDF with a bookmark and point that bookmark to a new page, is that all I need to do to reproduce this problem? 

1 -- I normally edit the file in a remote location, copy the file to the MobileSheets storage location (choosing the replace file menu choice in Win10) and then use the swap file function to point MobileSheets to the new file.  The file that MobileSheets sees is the edited file, even though it wasn't edited in the MobileSheets storage location.

2 - Yes, what you describe is exactly what happens.  I use Nuance PDF Converter Professional 5.  Yes, it is an older application, but it has all of the functionality that I require of a pdf editor and all of the pdf viewers that I've used (but I haven't used Acrobat or Acrobat Reader) show all of the bookmarks and the navigation functionality works correctly.

3 - I am utilizing the bookmark window with "Show PDF Bookmarks" enabled.  I just tried importing a file with "Convert PDF Bookmarks" enabled and the bookmark window display is the same, except that the bookmark listing is now twice as long.  None of the edited bookmarks are shown.

4 - My render preference is set to "Quality" since I am not having an issue with display speed.  If I change this setting to "Speed", the bookmark behavior is different.  The file that was imported without converting the bookmarks now shows all of the bookmarks, including the ones that were edited.  The file that was imported with the conversion function enabled shows one list of bookmarks where the edited bookmarks are not shown.  In this list, each bookmark entry is followed by a symbol to allow deletion of that bookmark.  This list is followed by another list of all the bookmarks, including the edited bookmarks.  This list does not show the "x" deletion pick symbol.

I'm hoping that this description of my program behavior helps.  I do not have Adobe Acrobat, so I cannot say if the procedure you describe will reproduce the problem.  I can say that doing that in the editor that I use is what causes some of the functionality that I am experiencing.


If you can, please send a file you've edited with your PDF editor to mike@zubersoft.com so I can test with it. When I add bookmarks with Adobe Acrobat, they show up just fine in MobileSheetsPro. So something must be different about the types of bookmarks you are creating. The PDF library I'm using for the "Quality" setting is only looking for certain types of bookmarks. It's possible the ones created by your application are of a different type and are being ignored due to the bookmark configuration. For reference, bookmarks can be created that point to a page in the current file, point to a page in a different file, are a link to a file to load, are a named action to perform, or are a URI to launch.  The PDF library used for "Quality" is only handling bookmarks that point to a page in the current document, and will ignore any other type of bookmark. 

Hi Mike,

I just emailed you a file that exhibits the behavior that I describe.  I hope this helps you find a solution to this issue.


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