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Crash adding Text
I'm running v3.1.0 on Windows 10 Enterprise v1809 on a Microsoft Surface.

I open a song in MobileSheets.
Tap in the middle of the page and select the Annotation tool.
The Text tool is selected by default .
I tap on the page where i want to write.
Usually, MobileSheets crashes to the desktop within a few seconds. Sometimes I need to type a few characters.

I've tried with several different song files.

Interestingly, it happens less often if I use my pen instead of my finger.

Thanks for any insight or help.

I've checked the crash logs, and I'm not seeing any reports of any devices crashing due to the creation of a text annotation. Do you have Settings->About->Enable Crash Reports turned on?

I'll run some tests with a VM running version 1809 to see if that's related, as I no longer have any Windows 10 devices running that version as that was released back in 2018 and replaced in May 2019. Is there a reason you don't want to update to a newer version? MobileSheets relies on Microsoft's libraries in Windows 10, and some issues have been addressed just by updating the OS version.

Also, just to verify, what type of Surface device are you using? It seems some hard crashes have been reported on Surface Pro X devices due to the ARM-based processor, although I was never able to reproduce any of them when someone let me borrow one for testing (which I no longer have).

Hi Mike, thanks for the speedy reply.

Yes, Enable Crash Logs is turned On, and I'm connected to the Internet. Not sure why logs aren't sent.

I'm still on 1809 because this is a corporate tablet and therefore managed by my IT group. I'll request an update.

The tablet is a Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Thanks again!
I was able to update to Windows 20H2. Adding text annotations no longer crashes.

I can repro the issue reported elsewhere that the text is displaced while typing, but moves to the correct location once completed.

Thanks ,

If you are referring to this thread https://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/forum...p?tid=7345, that user said it was fixed after rebooting their device. Can you see if the same applies to your tablet? 

I believe I've located the issue causing this bug. The fix will be included with version 3.1.1.


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