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Music bugs
Hey! Pretty sure I found 2 bugs with the music in the Windows app.

1. When leaving a page early, before the music ends, if the next page is a page without music, the music fades to about 10% and keeps playing. This happens even if I back up to a previous page with no music. I'm pretty sure it's the Crossfade setting. When I turn that off, it doesn't seem to be happening. That's worrisome as I sometimes move to the next song a little early to get the count-in and minimize dead air time. Makes me wonder if it's still playing and I just don't hear it.

2. In trying different settings for #1 (before I found it was Crossfade), I turned on "Automatically Play audio" on the page without music. Lo and behold, when I click that page, it launches the song from the very first page in the set that has music! I tried moving the non-audio page around, turning off and on the "auto" setting, and it always launches the first song of the setlist with audio. Weird. Advanced audio player does it also.

I have all audio settings normally ON (except advanced audio), but I tried turning them off and there's no difference.

Hope this helps, and thanks again for such an awesome program!
1) This definitely a bug. I just put a fix in place that will be included with version 3.1.1. 

2) Also a bug - I have a fix in place for this also.

Thanks for your help in identifying these issues.


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