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Random sorting from general song list
I've noticed that, when I am looking at a "collection" or "set list," there is an option to sort the songs randomly.  But am I correct that there is no such option when viewing the entire library of songs?

I personally would like the option of having all of the songs in my library randomly sorted.
What would be the point in having the songs tab randomized? If you want to select a random song, you can tap the ? icon in the alphabet list to randomly select one. The reason it might make sense for a group type such as setlist or collection is that you might want to have a specific list of songs that you shuffle, but with the entire song list, I can't think of any good reason to do that because you can't load all of those songs at once like you can with a setlist.

The reason to randomize is simply because, when I practice alone, I enjoy having the tunes present themselves randomly. It's more fun that way, sometimes, than consciously looking for particular songs (or even particular types of songs).

But I didn't realize this can be accomplished with the ? icon.
Well a quick and easy way to accomplish the same thing is to long press a song on the Songs tab, tap the "Select All" icon in the floating toolbar at the bottom right, tap the three dots at the top right and then "Create Setlist from Songs". You can name this something like "Temp". Go to the setlists tab, tap that new setlist and change the sort order to "Shuffle". Now you've got the entire song list in the setlist. If you add new songs at any point, you can either just clear that setlist out and re-add all the songs, or delete it and create a new one. If you use the group editor to edit the songs in the setlist, you can tap the three dots, then "Clear All", then tap the two arrow icons to add all songs in the library. 

The benefit to using a setlist like this is you can play multiple songs in succession in a random order without having to return to the library screen and tap the ? icon each time. One benefit of the ? icon is it will randomly select a song, but if you don't really feel like playing that one, you can tap "Try Again" and another song will be chosen. You can pick whichever approach works better for you.

Great, thanks.

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