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Active layer invisible in e-ink version
Mike ,  please follow exactly these steps and let me know if you can reproduce them. I have.

This happens regardless of what tool is selected:

1.- Load a song with at least 2 concatenated documents and a total of say 3-4 pages although most of the following applies to single document songs also.

2.- This only applies if the song has more than one document:  Open the layer window.  Only the pages of the first document will appear.  The next pages will show up when you reach the  first page of the next document.  IMHO it would be better to have all pages shown when the layer window is displayed.

3.- Each page shows initially one layer, current and with no delete icon. So far so good.

4.- Add a layer to page 1.  The new layer becomes current and both layers have now the delete icon. Deleting the second layer leaves the first layer current and its delete symbol is removed. Still as expected.  Bare with me ... 

5.- Repeat steps 4 on page 2.

6.- On page 1, you can switch the current layer from 2 to 1 en viceversa without problem.  Now on page 2 click on layer 1 to make it active and again on layer 2.  Both layers become active but only one is supposed to be current.  This cannot be undone, layers remain both highlighted (bold and underlined). Adding extra layers and clicking on them do not remove highlight on the others and they all become highlighted.

7.-Also note that page 1 lost the highlight of its current layer when the double highlight occurred in page 2 although its layers can be highlighted individually again without the multiple highlight problem of the other pages. 
However, clicking on layers other than page 1 causes the same problem described above.

8.- Go to page 3. Add a layer, it becomes current. Now delete it, the original layer is left but without highlight when it should be as it's the only one,  then note that page 1 has now both layers highlighted.  Also in page 3, trying to add new layers doesn't work anymore although in fact they are added but don't show up.

Exiting the annotations and loading again the same song refreshes everything and all the previous invisible layers appear but the same things described above will happen again.

PS:  Strong suggestion. Please make the current page on display (Page 1, Page 2 etc), shown in bold on the layers list. Depending on the diplay settings it's hard to know what page are we currently working on.
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