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Active layer invisible in e-ink version
(05-01-2021, 05:54 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: The layers in that song were already in a bad state though because Layer 2 is shown without the ability to delete it and as you mentioned, it's shown as selected at the same time as Edu. I need to know how layer 2 got in that state, because that is what is causing the third layer to be incorrect. If you added layer 2 in the same way as layer 3 and it's behaving that way in every song you test with, and not just that song, then I'm definitely at a loss to explain what is happening, because when I tap to add a new layer, it seems to work just fine and I don't get that behavior. Is anyone else seeing this behavior?


The layers seem to work fine in other songs.
For this particular one, I exited the song, opened it again and the 'cross' delete button showed up next to those layers, so I could delete all layers and keep just the first one.
If I re-add a layer2, it's again created without delete button. The delete button shows up after exiting and re-entering  the song.
I can repeat this again and again. I can make a screecast if it helps.

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