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Added Songs....now all my old songs are GONE
The good news is, I had made a backup copy before I did any of this.
I just made another backup copy, just in case.

But in my attempt to copy the PDF files from my D:/Gig Books to the LocalState folder, it is telling me I don't have enough memory.  (it was only 2MB!)
This cannot be right, as it's a new Surface Pro with plenty of space on the C drive.

I really cannot begin to reason my way out of this.
I've read the user guide, and I'm a medium to high level PC user.
I appreciate your guidance for my next step.

(at least I'm not in fear of losing all my changes anymore)

I'd like to
1) Get my old songs back in place where Mobile Sheets will reunite my annotations......and
2) Get EVERYTHING in the BEST location for a large library.
How did you back everything up before taking these recent actions? Did you use Settings->Backup and Restore->Backup Library in MobileSheets, or did you just backup files? The important thing is that you have a version of mobilesheets.db that was backed up before you made changes. If you created a library backup in MobileSheets, then you are fine.

As far as the current problem of Windows indicating that you don't have enough memory, can you please go to "This PC" in File Explorer, which will show all your drives, then right-click on "Local Disk (CSmile" and let me know how much free space is reported?

If the D: drive is always going to be available when loading MobileSheets, then it's perfectly fine to store your library there. I can provide a hack of sorts to allow you to change your storage location without having to let MobileSheets move your files. What you would want to do in this case is copy all of your song files out of the LocalState folder to the folder of your choice on the D: drive. Do NOT move mobilesheets.db, as that MUST stay in the LocalState folder. Also do not move any .xml files - those are settings files for MobileSheets. You'd only want to move folders out of LocalState and/or PDFs tied to your songs. After moving the files, right-click "default.xml" in the LocalState folder and edit it with wordpad or an application of your choice. Search for "storage_dir" and modify the path that follows it to point to the folder you want to use on the D: drive. After doing this, load MobileSheets, go to Settings->Other Settings->Fix Broken File Paths and let it scan for your files just in case any file paths need to be repaired. You can go to Settings->Other Settings->Find Missing Files to see if MobileSheets believes any PDFs are missing. You can then try loading your songs to see if everything works as expected.

Answering your questions:

1) My C drive has 131GB used, and 106GB free.
2) When I made a back-up, I went through Settings/Backup and Restore/Backup Library in MobileSheets, which I believe is the proper way.

I'm wondering why I have to go into the "storage_dir" and change the pathway......
I've copied the folders and pdf's from the "LocalState" folder onto my D: drive......so can't I just go into MobileSheets and assign D: as my default location now?

I'm just wondering, because that html language on the "default.xml" file looks very technical.....and I'm afraid of editing the pathway wrong.

For instance, would I put "D:" or would I put "D:/"? or "D:\"?

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