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Scroll bar collision on batch import file/folder select screen
I'm on 3.1.9 on Android 10 and when going to do a batch import (using Dropbox), the checkboxes for selecting a folder are getting covered up by the scroll bar so I'm not able to select anything when there's more than one screen of items listed in a directory. There have been a couple of updates since I last did a batch import, so I'm not sure exactly when this behavior changed.

I certainly never changed anything related to the scrollbar when selecting a folder for the batch import. What kind of Android device are you currently using? Normally the scroll bar is very small when using touch input. Are you using a mouse or trackpad with a Chromebook?

I'm using a Lenovo Tab M10 and just using touch input. I did somewhat recently upgrade to this tablet from a much older one, so it could be that this is my first time trying a batch import on this one.

I did a little more investigating and it turns out the problem only happens on folders with large numbers of folders and/or files. The magic number seems to be about 84 and the scroll bar switches to twice the normal thickness (causing the overlap). However, it's somewhat intermittent around 84. When in the 100+ count, the scroll bar appears to always be at double thickness.
Can you not just tap the folder entries to select them? I believe that should work versus having to actually tap the checkbox on the side. I can look into the scrollbar issue though. Perhaps I can just add additional padding to prevent the overlap.

The problem with tapping the folders is that it opens them as the new directory.
Oh right, sorry, I'm currently on travel for a family vacation so I didn't have a tablet in front of me that I could test on. I'll have to see if there is an alternate way to select a folder such as a long press. Otherwise I will see if I can make the adjustment for the padding.

Thanks! My workaround for now is to switch to grid view and if the folder I need happens to be on the right side, I'll add an extra folder alphabetically before it t bump it to the left column.

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