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Metronome settings
I really came to love the implemented metronome. But I am having a bit of a hard time with some settings. Normal 4/4 clock is no problem obviously but say I have a 6/8 rythm with the 8ths counting at 120 bpm but for the feel of the song I want to have the metronome only click (loud) on 1 and 4 making it " |OooOoo|OooOoo|" respectivly "O..O.." (O = loud, o = quiet, . = silent)

I am not seeing how to do this. Or suppose I want to have:

4/4 with offbeat on 4+:
|O . . .o|O . . .o|O
1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4

No Idea how to do this. I figure it would be nice that upon selecting 4ths / 8ths / 16 ths you could select which of those are to play: say e.g. for 8ths 8 fields that are by default set to "on" but can each be toggled to off.

In my above 4/4 example I would chose 8ths an then only enable the first and the last one...

Perhaps all of this is already possible and I am only not seeing it. In that case I would be grateful for advice.

The metronome is not currently advanced enough to let you silence particular beats. There are a whole slew of enhancements I can make to the metronome when time allows, based on what I've seen in other metronome apps. The difference is those metronome apps are just a metronome and not an app where the metronome is just one piece of it. So I'll work on this when time allows, but if you need something that complex, you could consider using a metronome app in the background or a metronome app on your phone until I have the bandwidth needed to add the missing features.

Fair enough! As the number of beats can already be arbitrarily chosen (in relation to the time signature) in the app the ability to specify an "On/Off/Emphasize" for each beat in a bar would give perfect versatility to configure the metronome.

For the time beeing I calculate the corresponding bpm value that gives me the beat 1 and 4 of an 6/8 rhythm and dial that in...

As I use the metronome in a live situation (as most users probably do) switching songs in two different apps is prone to errors and hiccups you might want to avoid playing live. It is better to simply tap one corner of the screen and have the correct click start....

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