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Library restore has given me 2 copies of every song
I had to get a new Surface Pro.....old one was totally wrecked.
I had a backup file (thank god), and i chose the option to restore library from backup.
But somehow, i ended up with duplicates of 98% of all my songs. (I have found 2 exceptions so far)

The TOP duplicate has my annotations on them....bottom duplicate is lacking annotations.
Is there a slick way to get rid of the duplicates? 
I fear losing my annotations. The song pdfs can be replaced but the annotations are irreplaceable.

Any wisdom out there?

--------------- Second copy of post ---------------------------

I had to switch to a new Surface Pro because my original one was totally wrecked.
I had a recent backup of my library (thank god), and I used it to perform a "Restore Library from Backup".

But I clearly did something wrong, because I ended up with two copies of almost every song. (I've found one song so far that only had ONE copy, and one song that has 3 copies)

The TOP duplicate seems to be the one containing my annotations.
The BOTTOM duplicate lacks my annotations.

Is there a slick way to get rid of the duplicates, while ensuring that I keep the copy with annotations?
If I lose a pdf, it can be replaced, but my annotations are irreplaceable.

Thanks in advance!
There isn't currently a filter for whether or not a song has any annotations. So there is nothing you can do to make the cleanup faster. Having said that, if you contact me at mike@zubersoft.com, I can probably help you fix the library so long as you can confidently say you want to keep every copy of a song with annotations and delete every copy of a song without annotations. If it's as simple as that, then I should be able to fix the library quickly. If it's more complicated than that, you will have to go through the library and manually delete each song you don't want to keep.

Your not the first one who wants to find songs with annotations
In the thread http://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/forum/...p?tid=3415
I proposed adding filters for songs with notes and/or annotations.
Sciurius posted an SQL statement there that does such a selection.
Not as convenient as having a filter in MSP, but it works (I tried it).
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