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Per-score 'remember page' setting

Would it be possible to include an option with each score that you could set per song if it should remember the page it was on or not?

Right now there's the option to do this for all scores - either on or off - and trigger it per-score if you want it to go back or not. But it's not really a practical solution when switching around a lot.

Thanks in advance!
Isn't it possible for you, just to go to the top or the end of the song after playing for those scores you don't want to pick up where you left?

Also, if you have a touch field programmed with "go to start of the song" it shouldn't be much of a bother to use that if a song remembers the last page where you don't want it.

I don't know of it's worth it to complicate the app again with lots of individual entries in the db for the scores to remember or not.
For the majority of the scores (+- 500 by now) I don't want to remember the location. They're also smallish (<10 pages).

There are only a few larger works that I actually do want to remember the location. Unfortunatly, I often don't have the reflex of going to the menu, tapping the 'restore position' (I don't remember the exact title) it just jumps back to the beginning... and there's no way to jump back at that point. Super frustrating for a piece that is 50+ pages.
Yes, well, ultimately it's of course Mike who decides if he adds a feature or not. I just remember him always hesitating a bit if he has to add more data in the database which has to be scanned.

But you do know about Touch Actions, don't you?

You can assign actions like "go to start of song" or "go to end of song" to areas of your screen. I chose mine so that a tap on the upper left area goes to the start and the upper right goes to the end of the song (and you can of course choose your own areas, double taps or whatever. MSP is very configurable as you know).

Very convenient IMHO and the reason why I asked if your suggestion is needed. You can have all your songs remember the last position and are a tap away from the start or the end of the song. Just my 2 cents.
If more users chime in that they need this functionality, I will certainly consider adding it. I'm not sure exactly where I would want to throw a new setting for this in the UI though. The action menu (the options at the top of the library screen and in the overflow menu) is meant to invoke actions based on the current context, so it's not really a good fit for a setting/toggle. That leaves the song editor screen, or some place in the song overlay while viewing the song. I think the song editor probably makes more sense, but it doesn't really seem to me like that setting belongs on either the fields or the files tab. If it's on the files tab, that would imply that it's something you can control per-file, which it's not, it's a per-song setting. I'm open to recommendations for where it makes sense to have a toggle for that.

Having had a poke through the UI the only place I saw it as being somewhat logical is the song editor - another option that I could think of is adding a fifth tab in that window. You could use it for other misc settings that don't really belong on the other parts, but fit in a song context.

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