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Annotation vanishes when it's on layer >= 3
I'm a new user to MobileSheets and I'm having a problem with layers in that annotations on layers greater than 2 when there are no annotations in layers 1 and 2 vanish when the app is restarted. My layers are linked, I don't know whether that makes a difference.

To reproduce:

Open a PDF
Create 3 layers, ticking the box to create on all pages (there's the default Layer 1, so that's a total of 4 layers)
Create an annotation on the 4th layer.
Exit the PDF to the MobileSheets main screen.
Exit the app (by swiping up on Android's app switching screen)
Open the app again, go to the PDF and the annotation is not there.

This is reproduceable every time. I set 'Automatically save changes' to a low value (5) to see if that made a difference (it didn't).
The same happens if you create the annotation on layer 3, however if you create the annotation on either layer 1 or layer 2, it's fine.
If you create annotations on all 4 layers on a single page, then they all remain.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I just pushed out a quick update to address this. If you are using the Google Play version of MobileSheetsPro, you should see the update available shortly. 

Wow! Thanks very much, what great service. I've tried out the change and it works perfectly.


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