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Slim player
Why do you want the audio player shown at all while you are actively reading the score? It seems like that would just be visual clutter that would get in the way. If you really want the audio player at the bottom of the screen but you don't want the sheet music to be behind it, go to Settings->Display Settings->Allow Zoom Out Past 100%, then load your song, shrink the page so it doesn't cover the bottom of the screen and you should be good to go. You can then place the audio player in that space and leave it up all the time without issue. Unless I get a lot of requests for resizing the sheet music and having a fixed anchor point for the audio player at the bottom of the screen, I don't think I will add that functionality as it is a lot of wasted space on a large tablet screen. Perhaps I need to see a screenshot of the device you are working with to understand your use case scenario. I can certainly consider adding an even more minialistic audio player layout where it only has a few things like a play, stop, text indicator for the current position, the layout icon, the move icon, the a/b icon and the close icon. I could fit that on a single line for those that need it to be that small, but you lose a lot of functionality in the progress, like being able to skip to a particular position in the track. I'll have to think on that some more.


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