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Realistically, will we EVER get this feature?
Big Grin 
Hi Mike (and all the regulars),

After being out of work for many months (along with every other musician in the world Sad ), I'm now back on cruise ships and using MSP with my brand new 13.5" Acer Chromebook Spin 713. It's great, especially with the Air Duo footswitch. I play in the ship's "Orchestra" (in reality a 7-piece band) and I'm using MSP for jazz sets (simple lead sheets) and for our work on stage (lots of piano scores). But there's one feature I WISH MSP had....

Music handwriting recognition. I'd LOVE to be able to click on a "New Chart" option, have a blank score pop up, hand-write some notes, then have that converted into a readable chart. Something like the Notate Me app, but with functionality that works properly ('Notate Me' stopped working years ago!). Now I realise that this is a BIG ask, as the recognition AI is immense, and in truth it's moving away a bit from the main purpose of MSP. 

But, hey, it would be nice!  Cool
why dont you try what is already there ?

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(09-02-2021, 01:59 AM)SeeWhat Wrote: why dont you try what is already there ?

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately. StaffPad (which I've used before on another ship) only works on iPads and Win10 tablets. I'm a ChromeOS/Android user.
This may work for you. It's the Android version of the TablEdit notation app. MuseScore could work if you moved on to a windows/ios/linux device. 
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The reality is that this kind of functionality requires a massive investment of time and energy. It would basically be on par with creating an entirely new application from scratch. If there were libraries available that did the heavy lifting, that would certainly reduce the level of effort required, but I'm not aware of any libraries like that that can be used for commercial applications. If something like this ever were to be added, it would be far in the future after all the core, critical features were in place, most feature requests were already implemented and I was working on expanding the app into new territories.

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