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Translation errors
Hello Mike,

This is my first post on this forum and I would like to make my first contribution as a French speaker, pointing out some translation errors. The manual is very well done; I haven’t found anything objectionable so far. But in the windows of the software in French version, I have to point out two problems.

1) The phrase ‘Automatically crop pages’ has been translated to ‘Appliquer à automatiquement les pages’, which is incomprehensible. The correct translation is ‘Rognage automatique des pages’.

2) ‘Half-page’ has been translated to ‘Demie-page’ instead of ‘Demi-page’.

These errors appear in several places in the software.


Thank you Luc. I will look into making those fixes. 

Hereunder my contribution of today. For your information, the habit of capitalising each word in a title is unique to the English language. In French, only the first letter of the title is capitalised.

In the settings of the library, I also found:
Ouvrir Automatiquement la Morceau Suivante ---> Ouvrir automatiquement le morceau suivant
Ignorer la Vue des Groupes ne Contenant qu'une Morceau ---> Ignorer la vue des groupes ne contenant qu'un morceau

In the settings of ‘Morceaux’:
Afficher Morceau Suivante ---> Afficher le morceau suivant


Thanks - I've updated the translation.

Today I found two errors in the settings ‘Paramètres pédale et tactile’ / ‘Paramètres de la pédale d'actions’ / ‘Action’:
Revenir à la morceau précédente ----> Revenir au morceau précédent
Aller à la morceau suivante ----> Aller au morceau suivant

It seems that in several places we find the word ‘Morecau’ in the feminine, while this noun is masculine. I will probably find other occurrences in the course of my discoveries.
Thank you for the updates - let me know if you see any more entries that need updating.

OK Mike, I will do it step by step.

In the settings: ‘Morceaux’ – ‘Utiliser le Slider… ---->" Utiliser le curseur… »
« Change le comportement du slide… » ----> « Change le comportement du curseur… »

You will probably find other occurrences of ‘slider’ or ‘slide’ which should be replaced by ‘curseur’.
If you would like a copy of the translation file that you can just update as you come across things and then you can send me back the translation file periodically, that is another option. Then you wouldn't have to report each change to me on the forum. Let me know what you prefer.

It is an excellent idea! I am very enthusiastic about your software, and I would be happy to contribute my collaboration in a better organized way. You can send me this file, and I will gladly resent all the linguistic problems of the French version.


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