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Pedal turning multiple pages at once
(11-16-2021, 01:47 PM)rilez95 Wrote:
(09-28-2021, 05:45 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: If you go to Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Pedal Actions, what is the pedal debounce currently set to? If you set it to something like a second, even multiple triggers of the pedal in a short time span shouldn't result in multiple page turns. If it still does even with the debounce set higher, let me know, as then it would indicate something very bizarre is going on. If it's a ChromeOS issue (which it certainly seems like something might be going on with the bluetooth connection), you could try switching to the beta channel on the device and see if that makes any difference.


Thank you for your response. Changing the debounce settings did not stop the multiple pages from flipping, and changing the mode to beta didn't work.  I'm thinking it might be an issue with the bluetooth connection.


I am having the same problem. Hopefully you have discovered a fix. If not, I have found "Prevent Pedal from Changing Songs" at least minimizes the damage. 80% of the songs I have are only 2 page songs, and changing by hand from one song to the next is not bad. I'd still like a solution to help with the 3+ page songs. Setting the debounce to 2 seconds, did make it stay on the page for 2 seconds rather than flipping instantly multiple pages, but appears it is still queueing up the multiple page turns.


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