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Use Mobile Sheets pro at same time (read/write) from 2 devices
Until now I was using MSP on a Windows tablet, while preparing sheets on my Windows Desktop and then sending them to my tablet using the Companion.

Now I'd like to use MSP at the Desktop PC, too, and keep the libraries in sync on both devices. Of course, this could be done using the MSP Sync Library feature over WiFi. One needs to put one device in server mode, the other in client mode, the sync process will then be moderatly fast. @Mike, I understand your concerns about an automatic sync feature. I just wonder if the following simple process would solve the problem at least for my simple use case. Recall that I want both libraries in total sync.

My idea is to put the MSP storage folder on a cloud drive (OneDrive in my case). OneDrive will make sure that local copies of that folder are synced automatically. Both instances of MSP will use their local copies, and to avoid any possible conflict or corruption of the database I would make sure to use only one instance of MSP at a time. Workflow would be as follows:
  • Use MSP at device A to add/modify sheets.
  • When finished close MSP. After a short time OneDrive will have synced device B.
  • Use MSP at device B, all sheets appear in sync.

Is this feasible? If it works this would be a no-brainer to use...


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RE: Use Mobile Sheets pro at same time (read/write) from 2 devices - by Dromeus - 02-23-2022, 07:41 PM

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