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Can I load New Real Book PDF from Sher into Mobilesheets
(10-16-2021, 05:42 PM)itsme Wrote: If you search the MSP forum for "csvfile" (no blank, without the quotes) you will find a lot of CSV files shared by other users. That can save a lot of effort. If you have corrections or additions, please share your improved version again


I used these to generate the song titles.  The first Fake book I used was the Real Book 6th ed V1 Bass and I scanned my pages through my scanner feeder.  Then broke them out into individual songs, did editing to clean up along the way, then edited in the title into each pdf.   That was the LAST time I did that.  It was only after I was nearly done that I came to learn the real power of the index file.

I had already scanned all my Jamey Aebersold books and printed them out so that I could mark them up without worrying about messing up the original. I also scanned some other fake books, and Song Books I have and found the index files, and some were I created my own.  So now I imported them and used Index files.  I am able to constantly improve on all the different set lists, collections artists, albums, genres, and source types very quickly and easily as my knowledge of MobileSheets expands and I learn how to use it more efficiently.  I learned something new from the Great Gig Book Blue Book and I went back and edited in that change into all the index files but didn't touch the Real Book 6th V1 Bass. ( one reason I don't go to the full copy is the individual pages were cleaned up and I don't want to do that again, maybe I'll combine the new pages into a new file.) 

Buying the pdf and using the index is practically painless.

The only index file I actually created is for Song & Praise from OCP. I play bass at my Church.  I'll upload it soon once I stop improving it.  I did learn that 400x400 BW produced the best clean and straight scans.

If you think people would be interested in the index files for my Jamey Abersold Series I can upload those too. I'm still working through those.   Of course mine focus on the bass pages but that is easy to change, and the instructional pages can be deleted or combined.  I created multiple setlists based on "The Musician's Way" to study and I'm including the respective Exercises and Pieces accordingly.  This goes far beyond just for gigs.

Where has MobileSheets been all my life!


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