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Snippets vs CSV files
I have an idea how to do this but I'm going to leave it to others who may have a better approach that simplifies the process

Just to clarify, it sounds as though you have
  • a single pdf file containing multiple songs
  • these songs have annotations that you want to keep.
  • a single entry in MSP for the pdf file
  • the file may or may not contain an internal indexing mechansim to allow jumping to pages.
and that you are trying to
  • Keep the songs in a single PDF but add multiple entries into MSP (one per song)
  • maintain annotations
As you say, you really need a CSV to create the entries. If it is a fakebook then a CSV file may already exist on the forum; alternatively, there may be tools that can generate one from your pdf file (which I hope others can tell you about).

I believe annotations are typically stored in the database rather than in the pdf file. This means that you would need to export the "file with annotations" so that they are embedded in the pdf. You would then import this exported pdf with the associated CSV file.

The format of the CSV is quite pernickety so I advise you to experiment on a small version to see how it works before going for the full thing.
I recommend that before importing the file, you use MSP to make a backup of the database; this will give you something to roll back to should it not work as you expect!

Hopefully, someone else will provide further advice for you

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