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pro file, Chorus not displaying in French.
Indeed, a communication problem.

In the ChordPro specification, section directives (start_of_verse etc.) take an optional argument that is used to produce a margin label to the section.
For example

{sov: Verse 1}
[A]Hello, [Bm]World!
{soc: Sopranos}
[E]Say no more
{sov Verse 2}
[F]Always look on the [Bb]bright side
{chorus: All}

results in something similar to [see attachment 1].

With the latest MSPro changes, the argument is used to change the "Chorus" heading that precedes the chorus. This may lead to unpleasant surprises for people that share ChordPro files between PC and MSPro.

Displaying "Refrain" instead of "Chorus" is actually a localisation issue. Maybe what we really need is a setting (and directive) for the locale to be used per song? E.g. {locale: fr} .

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