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pro file, Chorus not displaying in French.
Sorry for the delay.

Here are 2 pdfs, one is the txt(pro) file,
and the other is what I would like to see (result) in MS

Notice that there are two different choruses(Refrain) and only the 2nd one repeats. Also, the same with Verses(Couplet), since both verses are repeated. This part, i.e.verses, is obviously not the current implementation, but more what I would wish for.

I have been converting a fair number of charts from rtf lately with many more to come, and finding that many times choruses are not the same and only one of them repeats. Same with verses, often the first verse is repeated at the end.

So I was thinking, why not treat all parts the same, {sop}, {sov} and {soc}. Just use the label provided to know which one should repeat, so
{soc:Refrain 1}, use the directive {Refrain 1} to repeat it.
{soc:Refrain 2}, use {Refrain 2} to repeat it.
{sov:Couplet 1}, use {Couplet 1} to repeat.
{sop:Intro}, use {Intro} to repeat.

In this case however, the directives {eop}, {eov} and {eoc} would be mandatory to properly identify the sections. And only the chorus would be indented and bolded. However, this is secondary to me since I don't feel the need for the chorus to be indicated differently than the other parts of the song, but it is nice to have.

I realize this is going further than my initial question, which was only to have the chorus labelled correctly ("Refrain" instead of "Chorus").
However, since Mike has already implemented that the same day that the question was posted, these are additional modifications that would be nice.

I do not know what repercussion this has on having MS abide by the "standard" for pro files. Maybe it is just not possible, that will be for Mike and others to see as I am not a programmer.


!!!Edit: Ooops, just noticed that one of the files is a jpg. Changed it.
           Also had not inserted chords inline. Dan

PS: Not knowing if we are allowed to posrt actual charts in here, the chart is modified with just jibberish; that is intentional.

Attached Files
.pdf   N'olie jais - Fed Tic - result.pdf (Size: 12.5 KB / Downloads: 5)
.pdf   N'olie jais - Fed Tic - txt.pdf (Size: 8.85 KB / Downloads: 3)

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