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adding .cho pages
Hi from Paris
i am a newbee using this app and is amazed by it .
Playing jazz guitar i have sometime to add "special" chord shapes to an existing .cho file but impossible to add more pages :
in the field "files" if I select the "+" it tells :" impossible to mix txt files to other file type" !

but I don't want to mix a different file type , I just want to add more pages .cho to my existing one . Huh

Idea The only way i found is to create at the beginning of my song , many blank pages ( .cho ) , then delete them if not used .
Or add blank PDF pages . 

Thx for your help .
Best regards
I don't currently support adding multiple .cho files or mixing .cho files with other file types due to the dynamic nature of chord pro (the number of pages can shrink or grow as needed which causes complexity with features in MobileSheetsPro that rely on knowing the page number for things like link points and smart buttons). You said you want to add more pages to your .cho - just add a couple of {np} directives in the file to add blank pages. For example



Would result in two blank pages before the lyrics. You could add the pages after the lyrics as well.

Thx for your quick response Smile

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