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Moving multiple annotations
I see two options for this:

1) I can try to modify the logic such that, if you have multiple annotations selected, then you press down on one of them to drag the whole group, instead of clearing the selection and reselecting just the one annotation, I don't clear the selection and identify that the user is pressing on something that is already selected allowing the whole group to be moved. This sounds simple in nature, but it may actually be problematic with certain behavior/scenarios, and it also makes it more difficult to individually select annotations when many are overlapping. It would also mean that, if you want to switch from selecting a group of annotations to selecting an individual annotation, you would first have to tap away to deselect, then tap again to select, which could be tedious.

2) I can add a concept of grouping annotations (which is something I already planned on adding). If annotations are grouped, then any actions that are performed will be performed on the entire group at once. This allows all annotations to be moved at once, or edited at once without having to select them all at the same time. It would be easy to ungroup them too, if the objective is to group them, move them, then ungroup them. This is my preferred approach, but does require a lot of new code.

Would option #2 work okay for you or would you prefer something more like option #1?


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