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How about having the player play stems?
Hi again,

Another idea I have (it may have already been discussed, idk), 
would be to  either upgrade the audio plater with six tracks each with a volume controllable via midi,
or have MS use an external player; I'm thinking of Audacity, but it could be any other audio multitrack player.

That way, using stems, you could start an evening as a duo, 
then other musicians or invited guests come later or at any point during the night.
If you add a bass player, just lower the volume of the recorded bass while he is playing.

This is what I am thinking of doing.
In our small town, there are not really any bands any longer, mostly just duos and solos.
But there are several musicians that would love to play a tune or a set when they go out to a club. 
I know that I would love that possibility if I wasn't the one with the gig.

Has anyone discussed this before on the forum?


NB: BTW, I discovered stems recently, so if anyone doesn't know what it is,
        it's a (usually) 6 track song recorded in one mp4 file (in the program I use anyway) .
        When playing back, the mix of the six tracks can thus be altered at will.
         Mute the vocal track, and the file is now a vocal backtrack.
         Got a bass player, mute the bass track, etc...

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