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Repeat mode tied to Set Lists (solving a problem)
I've run in to a scenario that I could brute force but I'm wondering if there is a way to do it in in MSP.

Background: I normally keep the Repeat Mode function ON as I play in a swing band that has coda jumps back to the first page.  Going from the last page back to the first and then the first back to the last makes things nice when playing.

Problem: for a specific set list, the director wants to play three different songs with no break between.  There really isn't time to get out of the song and then select the next in the set list.  An additional complication is the pages I need to play are parts of larger PDF files.  I can use Create Snippet to isolate just the pages I need, but I don't see a way to combine them into a single logical "song".  

Question: any suggestions on how to solve this problem, besides isolating the specific PDF pages and using something like PDF Merge to combine them in to a separate PDF file.  

One way I see would be to tie settings like Repeat Mode to a set list.  That way I wouldn't have to remember to switch the setting back and forth between gigs.  Another way would be to have something like Create Snippet but it would allow me to select song + pages for the logical database entry.  

Any suggestions using something that MSP currently supports?
Being part of a larger pdf shouldn't be a problem because you can create a file that is just the pages that make up the song you need. If you're going between the pages a set number of times then you can repeat the pages in the file structure as you need them and just keep moving forward through the pages (e.g. have the page structure be 3,4,5,3,4,5,3,4,5 or whatever). If you aren't going back to the start etc a set number of times then you could set one area of the screen to go the next piece instead of the next page (assuming you're using the screen to turn pages). Would that do what you want?
What Oz Cello said. Also, if I understood you correctly you're doing rather da capos (D.C.) with your repeats and not codas. The page approach Oz Cello solves that too. But it's even better for dal segnos (D.S.) and "real" codas to sort the by the page feature and maybe even crop out the parts you don't need. MSP has almost everything covered what you need to do with sheets.
Thanks for the help!  I normally use a pedal to change pages, so I've never used the options to customize the touch areas of the screen.  Between that and using Create Snippet to add just the pages I need into the set list, this will work perfect.

BTW, regarding the D.S. vs D.C. option, I did actually mean following a D.S.  The big band music I play with this group will many times have a D.S. that goes back to the first page of the chart.  It gets more complicated if it jumps back to some other page, but I can use links for that scenario.

I love MSP!  It does everything I need to control my music.  I just wish my playing was as good as this program.  :-)
I'm not sure if you understood our advice fully. Sure you can work it out with snippets and links. Personally I think it's more convenient and effective to just arrange the pages (without snippets) in the page order field left bottom of the file tab so you can page through them without jumping back with links.

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