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Multiple Libraires with similar files (same filename, different content)
Done a lot of searching but please point me in the right direction if I've missed it.
I've just installed the Windows version in an attempt to make oganising Libraries easier.
On my Android tablet I have a number of Libraries but for simplicity:
1) Bass tabs and PDFs with chords (mine)
2) PDFs with no chords (for vocalist)

On Windows:
Create matching Libraries.
Switch to Library(1).
Batch import my files (from a Windows folder).
Switch to Library(2).
Batch import vocalists files. (from a different Windows folder).

Switching back to Library(1) and select a song and I've got no chords ie. I appear to have the song from Library(2).

Small amount of investigation and it "appears" as if EVERY import, not matter which Library is selected ends up being written to the same folder ie. the folder define in Settings->Storage->Mobilesheets Storage Location

Is this how things are supposed to work?
I asummed that Libraries would be independant entities - is that not the case?
Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2" + Donner DMB-1

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Multiple Libraires with similar files (same filename, different content) - by IanH - 01-24-2023, 08:07 PM

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