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New user and a few questions
Hi all,

I have a few questions if anyone can answer.

1. Is there a way to easily delete all songs so I can batch reimport again with updated sheets?
2. Is there a way to do a custom genre when doing batch import?
3. Is there no way to connect with companion without wifi?
4. When doing a batch import and you do not select "copy files" does that mean all the original files will be moved to the Mobilesheets directory?

1. The fastest way is to delete data. Go to settings, and apps then use the dialog to remove all data. Warning this will totally eliminate all data in MS. If you think you might want to save anything backup first.

Good luck.
1. Clearing the data is definitely the best option. Any settings you specified in the options will have to be made again.
2. Currently, there is no way to do this. I'm completely reworking the artist/album/genre handling, so pretty soon this will be possible.
3. Wifi is the only method at the moment. I am going to add bluetooth support in the future.
4. If you do not select copy files, it means MobileSheets will look for the files in the directory you batch import from. This means that you cannot move or rename the files in the batch import directory if you want the songs to continue loading correctly.

1. I did clear out the data and was able to start fresh.
2. I did use the custom field to sort of categorize my sheets but it would be good if the custom field in the sheet listing was a drop down list so it's easy to sort. But if you are reworking the whole genre thing then that's good.
3. Is there a way to add USB support to work with the companion program?

So far looks like a great app and seems like you are continuing to develop it which is great.

With a large library, if I put every custom field under a drop down, it would become really difficult to use. You'd have to scroll through a ton of entries to find the one you want, instead of quickly typing the word. For a smaller library with fewer custom field entries, I could see why you want it though.

There is no way to add USB support. Google did not expose a way to transfer data from a PC to an android device over USB except through methods that require a rooted tablet using adb.


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