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several requests
After having bought this app and using it a little I am totally impressed about the awesome work and thought that has gone into this. Bravo!

Let me mention some ideas for improvement that immediately came to my mind.

- option to hide the grey rows with the initial letters in the song library
While the grey rows with the initial letters do provide some structure, it would be great if we had the ability to switch that feature off

- alphabet jump letters don't adapt to the song library (e.g. unicode song titles)
I only have songs with greek names and my alphabet jump list (on the right edge) still contains latin letters which is weird. Why not populate the alphabet jump list with only the initial letters of the song libraray that are determined anyway (the grey rows in the songlist itself).

- Importing multiple files
While there is the ability to batch import all files in a folder, sometimes I just want to import 3 songs out of a folder containing 20 songs. The ability to only import selected songs (like CTRL+Click in Windows) would be great!

- (Batch) Import directly into a (new) setlist/collection
Use Case: I have 30 new songs in a separate folder to import that are supposed to be in a new setlist I am going to create.
Currently batch importing and setlist management are two different steps. After importing we have to go over to the setlist management, locate our newly added songs (among the multitude of old songs) and put them into a (new) setlist. (Hope I am not missing something). Allow us to do that upon batch importing by adding some options to the batch import dialog (like Assign to a)existing b)new setlist)

- option to switch off the "Load All" entry in song library/setlists

Companion PC app:

- companion PC app cannot batch import files with unicode names, while the app can.
PDFs with greek filenames like "αβγδε.pdf" cannot be imported in the companion app.
result: had to transfer all my files to the tablet first, then import, then manage my setlist on the companion PC app.

- does not allow dragging multiple songs to add to a setlist
I regard this as a basic feature that is missing :-)
Multiple songs can be marked, but not dragged over to the setlist, which is strange.

- give us an option to sort by import date
To easily identify the newly imported songs. Could become obsolete if we can assign songs to setlist upon importing them (see above).

Regarding the requests already mentioned in the other thread I absolutely support this one:
Control other tablets over bluetooth
because in our band we have people not knowing all the songs very well (and where to find them), also we are sometimes jumping spontaneously to different songs as requested by our audience.
If one could open a song quickly on their tablet and the other tablets in the band immediately just showed what this person sees, that would be absolutely GREAT AWESOME FANTASTIC BRILLIANT!!!!!

Although that might sound a lot I want to stress that I totally love this app and I admire the dedication that went both into the development as well as into the relationship to the users (as can be seen in these forums). Also, I will be happy to supply more info as needed.

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