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Page turner for Android device
(05-05-2023, 03:11 AM)Geoff Bacon Wrote: It could be that the pedal is using an old version of Bluetooth - I know my tablet will only support BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy?) so it won't see the much cheaper "old" BT devices. A couple of years ago I was looking at trying to adapt a mouse but gave up in the end because the BLE versions were £30+ (probably cheaper now)

I suggest you try to get your Donner pedal to work with your device outside of MobileSheets e.g. to turn pages in a pdf viewer
Should you get it working then it should be possible to use in MS.

I googled an ONN tablet, possibly not the model you have, and it said it used BT 4.0. Suggest you google your exact model of Donner pedal to see what that uses. If it is less then 4.0 then I believe it won't work.


Hi Geoff, thanks for taking an interest in my issue and providing your input. You made a good point in that I should try to get the Donner to work outside the MobilSheets app.  In fact, I have tried that, and perhaps I should have mentioned that in my original note.  As far as I can tell, the Mobilsheets app, itself, does not have a settings option that is used to link a foot pedal.  Rather, to the best of my understanding the link between the foot pedal and the tablet has to first be accomplished through the general "Settings" option on the tablet.  The problem is, using this approach, I cannot get the ONN tablet to recognize the Donner.  It searches for available Bluetooth devices ("spins and spins"), but it never actually recognizes the Donner such that I can then tell it to establish the connection.  (Just to be clear, I am sure that I have the Donner sending out a Bluetooth pairing signal while I try to get the ONN to find it.)  So, the point is, I can't get the ONN device to link up with the Donner whether it would be for using Mobilsheets or some other app, such as a PDF reader, which clearly implies that it is first and foremost a ONN>Donner problem, and not necessarily a Donner>Mobilsheets problem. 

Also, as you suggested, I looked at the paperwork I got with the Donner and I did online searches to see if I could find the version level of BT on the Donner.  After multiple attempts I have not been able to find that particular specification, so I don't know if the Donner has less than 4.0 BT, and I currently don't know where I could get that information.  Curiously, on Donner's own website it does say that the Donner foot pedal will work with Android devices, but I am mindful that I purchased my Donner in July 2021, and the ONN in January 2023, so that is a potential source of the problem.
FYI, I did send Donner customer service a question about why I can't link the Donner to the Android tablet, but I've yet to hear back.

I also notice that in the Mobilsheets app (Settings>Touch & Pedal Settings) there is information indicating that the app connects to AirTurn pedals, such as the AirTurn PED, Digit III and BT200S models.  It may be that these would work with my ONN (though the Digit III seems to be hand operated, which is not what I want), but the only way I would be able to know is to buy and then see if it works.  That's why I thought I would post this inquiry to see if any of the Mobilsheets users, who use the app on an Android device (preferably a tablet), might be able to tell me for sure what device works for them.

Hope I didn't bore you with the long note, but I thought I'd give you the full picture of what I've experienced and found out so far.  Thanks again for your willingness to help.

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