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Return arrow at top left...
Hi Mike,
I have been using MS now heavily for the last 2 years.  It is just what I need and I have steered many people to use it with my praise.

I have just one problem that comes up rarely, but caught me out twice last week at orchestra rehearsals.
The X at the top left of the menu bar to leave annotation mode is at the same place as the left arrow to exit the piece.
In the heat of battle during a rehearsal one is not always that relaxed and may hit the screen too hard to leave annotating causing the tablet on it's stand to bounce back and one touches the same place again inadvertently, which then leaves the piece.  Not at all what I wanted to do.
Instead of quickly going back to playing I can then open the piece again and find the place where I was. Sad

Would it be possible to move either the X or the back arrow to another position so one doesn't accidentally leave the piece ?
My suggestion would be to simply place an empty icon at the left most position of the title bar pushing the rest a bit to the right.
Il ne faut pas rouler vite... il faut freiner tard
I don't really want to push the icons over, because on a smaller device (or on devices where people increase the display scaling) there is very little room already. Instead, I can just add a check that ensures if you just exited the annotations editor, that tapping the back button won't trigger returning to the library screen. There will be short timeout (like a second) before it will process taps on the back button. Alternatively, you can use a three finger tap to enter/exit the annotation editor (or two finger tap if you configure that to be used instead), which prevents the need to tap any icons.

As a side note, you can just swipe left on the library screen to go back to viewing what you had loaded (as well as tapping the arrow at the bottom right corner in the floating toolbar). 

Thanks Mike!
I had figured that you had already provided some way to get around this.
I will try the 2 finger tap.
Il ne faut pas rouler vite... il faut freiner tard

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