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3:8:13 Camera mode
It seems to me that I can get much better looking scans of scores when I am using 'Legacy mode' rather than 'Automatic capture' in the latest 3:8:13 version on android.

Automatic capture seems to have a problem in getting the document conversion of the raw photograph to properly recognise staff lines in the music, whereas the legacy mode doesn't seem to have much difficulty doing this properly. 

There was automatic capture in the previous version which seemed to work reasonably well, but also in that version there was an icon that could be selected which allowed to use the underlying photograph as the image, so if the conversion to a black and white document didn't work well you had the option to use the image that came from the camera unprocessed, removing the option to use the camera image is an unwelcome change.
One of the things I changed with the automatic capture is I updated to a newer version of Google's camera library, and I specified that a 16:9 aspect ratio should be used for the camera (a small change is coming for this to choose 4:3 or 16:9 based more on the tablet's screen dimensions). I also added additional icons to make it easier to back out or finish after taking a picture. I did not change any of the logic for how the image is captured beyond that. 

The "Legacy mode" is just using the camera app on the device to take the picture, but then the image library is used to do the post processing. If this is working better for you, then that's great - that's why I added that as an option because the results aren't going to be the same on every device. I have better results with the automatic capture on my tablets.

As far as the color filter - you can change that with the new version just like you could with the old version. Tap the color filter icon at the bottom right on the post processing screen, then tap "Color Filter", and you can change to an unprocessed image if you prefer that. I just used that icon to pop up multiple options because some users requested brightness and contrast settings, and it made the most sense to group them there as there isn't room for additional icons on smaller devices.

Thanks for pointing out that the option to use an image view rather than black and white conversion is now under the colour menu. I hadn't looked in that menu option because I was thinking that it would be some sort of RGB colour balancing interface. In view of that, what works best for me now is auto capture, colour:none

Anyway a couple of other thoughts on this topic.

1) Every time that a page is photographed, this colour choice defaults back to Black and White, so if another option is preferred, it has to be reselected for each page. Would it be possible to make the default colour choice a settings option? Or alternatively make the colour choice last for the duration of scanning the current document. Or colour choice default to colour:last used. 

2) Thinking of a possible way to improve scanning results for colour:Black and White. Would it be possible to expose to the user interface some 'Threshold parameter=x', where a pixel brighter than x is white, and darker than x is black?

It seems to me that some such processing must be taking place for colour:Black and white, and that if the threshold parameter could be optimised for an individual device, then results might be improved.
1.) I'll look into this. I was hoping the library I'm using would do that automatically, but I may need to add code to do it myself so that the last used filter is saved and reselected.
2) The algorithm is handled by the library I'm using. I have no access to the underlying code (which utilizes many third party open source libraries), so I don't really have a way to inject a threshold into it for that. However, what you have described is exactly how the sharpening feature works in MobileSheets which you can find under the second icon at the bottom left corner of the song overlay. The threshold for that is configurable, so take a look at that feature to see if it gets you what you want. 

If you could do 1) that would be great.
Pity about 2)

I have tried sharpen, as you suggested, and didn't find it particularly useful.

What I have found with colour:Black and white, is that the quality of the results depends on the colour of the paper of the printed score. It works much better on a nice modern score on white paper, not so great on old yellowed scores.

Anyway for my purposes Auto capture, colour:none is fine for me, but it would be much appreciated if you could find a way to make the default colour choice properly configurable.
Thanks for attending to the default colour choice. That is great.
You are very welcome - thanks for the feedback.

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