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Making the bookmark process easier.
I often play through large pdf's, and bookmark as I go through. I use Windows and a folded 2-1 computer (in landscape mode). The problem is when i go to bookmark the page, the bookmark window obscures the top right corner where the composer's name  is. I t would be nice to be able to move the window or to specify it to show in a different location, e.g. the lower left. A similar problem occurs later in the process when the data fill-in popup arrives,  and the onscreen keyboard is activated. This time, the center of the screen is  obscured and the song title is not visible. Maybe the popup can be shifted to the left so the song title can also be seen? Thanks.
How about opening the PDF a second time in a PDF reader?
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Once I have some time, I'm going to change the behavior of the windows that pop up from the overlay (bookmarks, link points, smart buttons, etc) so that they are movable and resizable. MobileSheets will save the last known position and restore it when the window is shown. The next update will demonstrate this with a new library window that is being added. So that should resolve this once I have time to make the changes.

Somehow, I've added and deleted an incorrect bookmark - but now when I try to insert the correct bookmark, the software tells me something to the effect of "that page already has a bookmark" - but I can't find any bookmarks for the page...  

I've been marking up a violin part. Ideally, I'd like to add the name of the piece, the movement, the page number, the rehearsal marks numbers or letters, and the bar numbers - so that when the musical director says to play from "two bars before K"; "3"; or "bar 256" I can quickly find the place. I've been doing eg "RVW Symph5 Mvt2 Scherzo p7 3-6" [Ralph Vaughan Williams Symphony 5, Movement 2 (Scherzo); page 7, rehearsal marking numbers 3-6 on that page...]
I see I can add blank pages, so I should be able to add [a] blank page[s] at the start of the document for when the page numbers start at eg 2 or 3, so I will be able to manage without the page number...

But I can't wait to be able to add multiple bookmarks for bar numbers, rehearsal marking letters/numbers, etc.

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