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Single song from two pdf's?
I have a song that starts on page 73 of a.pdf and the same song that starts on page 37 of b.pdf.

I like the intro from the a.pdf arrangement but prefer the verse and chorus from the b.pdf arrangement.

So I could make a custom pdf containing just the pages that I want and play from that.

Or I could add both the a version and the b version to my setlist and tell mobilesheets that the a version is just one page long and the b version starts from the second page.

But could I have a single entry on my playlist that calls the pages that I want from both a.pdf and b.pdf without needing a custom pdf or having two setlist entries?
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I think you have to build the custom pdf first, but you could Export this custom pdf as a New song or file that contains only the pages you want.
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You can do everything you want in MobileSheets without the need to change the PDF or to create a new one:
Create a song in Mobilesheets with a.pdf. 
On the files tab of the song editor set page order to p. 73.
Press the "+" button, choose  "Local File" and select b.pdf.
Set the page order for b.pdf to 37 (or 37-... if required).
Crop the pages of the song to the sections that you want to see.
Additionally you can set page scaling mode to "Fit Width", display mode to "Vertical Scrolling" and "Remove gaps between pages" (also on the "display mode" window)
Keep in mind that "scaling mode" and "display mode" have independent settings for portrait and landscape orientation. 
Don't confuse the default settings for the complete library and individual settings per song for "scaling mode" and "display mode"
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Thanks! That sounds like exactly what I want to do.

I'll try it out later today....
If you're a zombie and you know it, bite your friend!
We got both kinds of music: Country AND Western

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