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How to sort by pages (pdf import *.csv)?
Hi there,

imported a big songbook.pdf including 150 songs using *.csv into collection "BigBook". 
It works perfect.

Due to the fact, that others just using (old-fashioned) paper or usual pdf-reader,
it is hard for me to know what is the "next song" in the book,
mostly in songbooks the songs are not sorted A-Z, more random or by genres, or whatever,......

I am looking for the option:
      - Sort songs by "number of page" in case of *.csv import

Any help would be great, thx
There is a round-about way of doing this:

1) Change the song title format under Settings->Library Settings->Song Title Formatting so that %PAGE_ORDER% is at the start
2) On the Song Title Formatting dialog, make sure the option is checked to use the formatted title for sorting
3) Go to the songs tab and change the sort order to "Numerically"

That should sort all of your songs based on the page they use in their page order. It will work best if only a single page was used.

There is another option you could do. 

You can additionally import your PDF as one song (so without csv) into MS, I suggest with the name of the book as title.

If you use that you can page forward or back in the book like your paper users.

For yourself and easier navigation you can use the bookmark feature of MS if the PDF has already bookmarks.
If not you can create the bookmarks in the PDF with jpdfbookmark or an dedicated pdf editor which can be a bit tedious if you have to do that from scratch.  

But if you have a csv like here with title and pages it's very easy and not much effort to edit that a bit and use it to import it into the pdf to create the bookmarks (not with MS but with said  jpdfbookmarks or a pdf editor).

That said, I think it would be convenient to have a general sort by page order at least for the collection or album tab, so can add all the (csv splitted) songs of a book into one collection or album to sort there with page order and do the numerical paging through the collection/album like in the paper book without the crutch of the title formatting or pdf bookmarks.

thx for your fast response!
I use the work-around, it´s ok for me.

Now, I´m able 
- to sort by pages with option checked "use formatted title for sorting" / Numerically

- sort by name with option unchecked "use formatted title for sorting" / A-Z

Maybe an additional Library Settings check box would be comfortable "un/display page-order",
in case of non/use of %page_order% . 


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