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Program/Patch changes to 2 keyboards
Hello all,
I have a Nord Electro 5d and a Yamaha Motif 6. They are midi'd together with the Nord as my main keyboard and the Motif is a slave. I'm trying to use MobileSheets Pro to change sounds in both keyboards when I select a song. I have connected my tablet to the Nord via USB. I have set 2 midi commands in MS using MSB/LSB, but only the Nord responds. Does anyone know if what i'm trying to do is possible?  Will the Nord send the command to the Motif via 5 pin midi cable even though my tablet is connected to the Nord via USB B cable, or do I need to use something like a Midisport 2x2?  

I tried using a Midisport 2x2 and connected my tablet to it via USB B, then took a 5 pin from the A OUT and sent it to the Midi IN of the Nord and that worked. But I can't get anything coming out of the B OUT which I connected to the Motif via 5 pin midi cable. The light doesn't even light up on the B OUT of the Midisport like it does on the A OUT. Is the possibly something wrong with the Midisport, or am I doing something wrong?

Please help!
I think that should work so long as you can configure the Nord to forward MIDI messages to the Motif. If each keyboard is assigned to use different channels, then you can control which keyboard will process the messages based on what channel you send them on. If you want to use the Midisport, it sounds to me like you are encountering the same issue - the Nord keyboard is not outputting the messages to the midisport. So there is still something you have to configure on the keyboard to ensure it forwards messages.

A surefire solution would be to have a MIDI router in between your tablet and two keyboards. An expensive example of this is the mioXM. You would have the tablet and both keyboards connected to the mioXM. You can then forward messages to each keyboard from the tablet. There may be less expensive models that you could use for this purpose as well. There used to be a mio2, but that's no longer sold unfortunately. This company sells a few models, https://www.cinaratech.com/info/shop/midi-products, but I've never used them so I can't vouch for their quality or reliability.  An alternative solution would be to use bluetooth. You could have your tablet connected to both keyboards at once using CME WIDI Masters or CME WIDI Jacks.


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