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FIXED!!! windows 10, 20 seconds to load a song!!
(11-17-2023, 07:57 PM)Geoff Bacon Wrote: I thought that the main purpose for a setlist was to present songs in a specified order that you play from top to bottom.
Your description implies it is just a group of songs you would like to play (without worrying about the order)

Could you not put all your gig songs into a "temporary" collections and display that?

You would then be able to use the index letters to move around 


I agree, but when performing live, we skip some songs and later on we come back . So the purpose of the setlist is indeed to present songs in a specified order that you play from top to bottom, but we should be able to move quickly back and maybe skip some songs in that specific setlist.
You can get what you want by creating a "temporary" collection and setting it's sort order to Manual
Then add the songs in the order you would have had for the setlist (you can shuffle them round like you would with a setlist)

Should you forget to create a collection and created a setlist instead, you can convert the setlist to a manually sorted collection (long press the setlist, three vertical dots, Create Collection from Songs, set the collection to manual sort)

This should give you what you want without causing the time delay.

Note: To avoid having too many collections, you might prefer to create setlists and convert them to a "temporary" collection when you want to use one. Naming each setlist (or collection) in a "yyyy-mm-dd venue_name" format (eg 2023-11-17 Albert Hall) will sort your lists in chronological order per venue (useful if you want to know what you previously played at that venue)
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