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Bookmarks should work just as bookmarks in forscore so that you can use them easily i
I've read some posts on how people try to create bookmarks in larger pdf's (songbooks) so they can use songs of these books in their setlist... this should work exactly as it works in Forscore... I've paid morge for this program than I've paid for forscore, but still it's a whole lot less intuitive, messy, and simply not performant enough... please make it so that bookmarks can be used and seen as songs... just make it happen...
Snippets operate in almost the exact same fashion as bookmarks in forScore. Bookmarks currently only define a single page instead of a range of pages, so they can't used in place of a song. There are also other design/architecture problems that are going to result from trying to allow bookmarks to be handled like a psuedo song. Many features make the assumption that they can get access to the current song's properties. So a bookmark will have to be designed to sort of act like a song in order for all of those features to work, but then you have lots of features that should be disabled if working on a bookmark (like if a user tries to enter the song editor for a bookmark, that wouldn't make any sense). 

You said you paid more for this software than forScore - I suppose that's true if you purchased it on Android and Windows (or any two platforms). MobileSheets is less expensive than forScore, which is $20 at the moment. You complained about the UI being unintuitive without providing any constructive feedback, called it messy without providing any examples or constructive feedback about changes you would like to see (other than this request), and complained about the performance without providing information about specific use cases that are not performing well for you or the type of devices you own. An 8 year old tablet is going to perform worse than an iPad, so of course if you use an argument like that, it will be true, because you get what you pay for with hardware. 

While I always appreciate constructive feedback and will use it to try and improve the app, this is not an example of constructive feedback. You paid for MobileSheets knowing what its current design and capabilities are. I will continue to improve the software, but changes take time and I try to base the current work on what users are requesting most. I hardly ever get requests for bookmarks to act as songs - most users have found other ways to accomplish what they need. Saying something in my app should just work identically to something in another app because you like the way that app handles it better isn't very helpful. There is a reason that there are some things that forScore supports that MobileSheets does not and vice versa.

I doubt jeroen has any real world experience with Mobile sheets.

He is just a sh*t starter, please ignore!
Yes, starting the post with a wrong fact about the pricing (not to speak of the subscription price of forscore pro) doesn't make this post very productive and credible.

I for one as longtime user of MS also bought forscore sometime ago (before there was an iPad MS) just out of curiosity and comparison reasons and IMHO forscore is the one being not very intuitive especially in comparison to MS. Though I have to concede I don't like iOS very much and find it much less intuitive than Windows and Android in general.

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