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Thank you Mike, Face gestures
It works amazing on my Ipad.

Any idea of impact on battery life?
I haven't measured it yet, but it's definitely going to have an impact on battery life because there is a lot of processing going on. I'll try to run some tests when I have time to see exactly how much the battery usage increases. I can say that on my iPad Pro, it's using around 25-30% CPU constantly. I know on Android with the next update (which is going to significantly improve the face detection by switching to an implementation that more closely matches Apples) that even with using a low resolution camera image, about 20% of the cpu is constantly used on my Galaxy Tab S4, versus the 0% that is normally used while just viewing a score. So I would expect a fairly dramatic reduction in battery life while this feature is active. Similarly, on my S8 Ultra, which is newer and more powerful, it was still using around 20% CPU with a 640x480 image (the next update will let users change the resolution of the image used for analysis as it's a tradeoff between accuracy and CPU usage, although 640x480 seems to work perfectly fine in all the tests I've run). 

Thanks for the answer, I would only use this for performance which I don't use very often not much an issue for me.

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