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S Pen Page Turns on Button Press with Air Actions
Hello! I did some scouring through the post history and found previous discussion about attempts to implement Air Actions gestures into mobilesheets, which ultimately was abandoned (understandably so). In another post I found that you did get air actions working for single button presses. As it stands, from my perception there seems to be only one use case for this implementation at the moment, which is as a toggle button with the selected Stylus Button Tool. 

I ultimately have found that the current implementation of the air actions buttons conflicts my muscle memory of how I had been using it beforehand so I won't be using it I don't think. Specifically, it seems to override the default behaviour of how it works without air actions enabled (i.e. using the side button on the S Pen as an eraser just while it is hovering), which is what I have used for over a year now and gotten comfortable with. Also, when I do switch to the eraser using air actions, the default is that after one completed stroke that it returns immediately to the tool you were using before (e.g. If I have my pen out, then use an air actions button press to switch to eraser, then touch the screen to erase something, it autoswitches back to the pen once I lift my pen from the screen rather than waiting for me to toggle back myself.) 

But while playing around with that, I was wondering if it would be reasonable to implement button press support outside of annotation mode as well? e.g. single button press would advance one page, double press would go back one page. Or perhaps it could have a this behaviour only in performance mode, since that is mutually exclusive with annotation mode? 

In rehearsals my pen is virtually always in my hand, so my ideal would be having the pen work both as a clicker to navigate pages while not in annotation mode, as well as the default (i.e. air actions disabled) button behaviour in annotation mode. I am happy and willing to help test builds out if that would be helpful!

Kind regards,

There is no reason I can't support the stylus button press outside of the annotation editor. It does mean having to set up a similar detector for the bluetooth events which increases battery consumption though. I'll have to add more settings for this so users can choose what actions are triggered, and whether it's enabled all the time or only in performance mode. There is also no built-in support for a double press, so I'd have to handle that myself. 

I'll add this to the list of features in my bug tracking system, but it will be lower than other requests that I get frequently unless more users ask for this as well. So it's not that I won't implement it - it will just take me longer to get to it.


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