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Another request for the Notes field
For reference, I'm using an ipad with no support for a pencil, so everthing I do is entered with the on-screen keyboard and/or tapping options and buttons with my finger.

I love how when I'm in the metatdata editing mode, if I cancel or exit, a warning pops up, asking if I want to save changes or not. 

I can't count the number of times I have added notes on a song and though I pressed "OK" only to realize my finger was slightly off the "OK" area and I either press cancel OR pressed a bit to much to the OUTSIDE of the notes box. Either way, it instantly closes and I lose everything I just typed. 

Is there any way to have the same sort of popup, asking to save changes or not? 

Another thing I'd love is to be able to access the notes in the companion. I don't know if that would require a lot of additional code or not. 

As always, fantastic program and even better support!
I'll change that dialog so that a tap outside does not dismiss it. That should eliminate that issue. I don't think I want to prompt if the user taps "Cancel", as it seems to me like that would be tedious. If you want me to increase the spacing between the cancel and OK buttons, I can certainly look into doing that.

As far as the companion app, just right-click a song in the main list and click "Edit Song Notes". That should let you edit the notes for the song in the same way as you would on the tablet. 

Thank you! Yes, that combination would work. 

And I had not found that feature in companion!

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