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link points and metronome tempo list
Hi Mike,

I am currently doing a project with its first gig coming pretty soon. It's a 2h show for which I have a pdf that has around 150 pages (22 songs in 1 pdf). I miss some functionalities in MobileSheets that would be pretty important but perhaps only small changes to implement. I think some of this has already been discussed or touched in some posts I saw over the last year but afaik has not been implemented yet. While I think I could manage to do a workaround for the upcoming show - split the pdf into songs, then recombine them as a playlist - I think it would be nice to not have to do this work and to have all the possibilities for the future (I guess I will apply the workaround now but it would also be nice to hear if and if yes, when you would plan to implement these things).

1) As has been discussed, it would be necessary to have more link points in such a large "song". I think at least 30. But as I understood it I think you had already said you wanted to increase the number and maybe make it open ended? Do you already know when this will be possible?

2) Using the metronome in such a setting to do count ins (I'm acting as MD) and visually lock in the tempo for the next song inside the large "song" is not very practical as is: I would end up with a very long list of tempos and would have to open the metronome every time to scroll through the list. One of the following ideas that I have might help in this situation with the metronome:

a. Give the option to save a different tempo per page (this could be an option that is on a per song basis or global and can be hidden in the settings). While this is not very elegant, it might be a quick solution and be also very practical for a classical piece where the tempo varies across a movement. This would reduce the number of entries on any page to a few and in my case I could just use the touch action I configured for the upper middle: start metronome and know that it is the correct tempo for the song in the big "song".

b. Improve the UI for the metronome to have a better possibility to cycle through different tempos. Perhaps there could be touch fields for +1/-1 next to the dropdown for the tempos (if there are multiple tempos) and further out touch fields for "next tempo"/"previous tempo". The list would also have to have a possibility to reorder tempos if I forgot to add one in the middle. This is actually quite annoying (if I might say), for example if I want to practice a song at 60, 80 and 100 bpm and add those three, then realize I also need 90 bpm as intermediate step, but want to have them in order from slow to fast, I have to delete 100 again to then add 90 and 100 back.

c. The most important improvement for me regarding the tempo would be to improve the smart button "start/stop metronom" and add an option there to select a tempo. That would be so good! I could just add a smart button with the name "song #1: 112 bpm" and press it and it would start the metronome at 112 bpm.

I hope that some or all suggestions are sensible to other users and of course to you, Mike, and some of them might be easy to implement so that they could come soon!
Write a CSV file for your PDF and import it via CSV import as 30 separate songs (it still stays one PDF file) and combine the songs in a setlist for the whole show.
That could solve many of your issues: hopefully enough link points, as the limit is per song, individual tempo per song ...
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As itsme says, use a .CSV file so that each song has an entry into the single physical file.
You can then treat them as individual files.
Trying to make changes as you suggest would be a nightmare for Mike to support and, I suspect, a great deal of work for something that already has an easy solution.

The format of the .CSV file is quite specific so I suggest you Google the site for a working example and experiment with a small number of entries first. You are unlikely to get the file correct the first time so include some way to identify all the songs in the file e.g. put them in a collection unique to the file or put the same value into one of the fields. You can then filter on this collection or value to identify the songs that need deleting before you repeat with an updated .csv file
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Though it's certainly advisable and worth it to learn about the csv import. If it's only 22 songs in that PDF you could consider to create the individual songs (again this keeps the PDF as it is, there are only entries created in the database for song references) with the function create snippet.
I do want to improve the metronome UI and provide a better interface for handling the beat/rhythm selection, better quality sounds, a better looking UI, etc. I'm not sure when I'll have time to dedicate to this yet. Adding a smart button to trigger the metronome to play with a given tempo is on my list of things to do. Due to how the song tempos are synchronized to the metronome tempos, this means that it would change the current tempo in the metronome to whatever is specified in the button settings, which also changes the tempo value in the song metadata. There is no way around this with the current design. The separation of song tempo metadata from the metronome tempo has been discussed elsewhere on the forum, but I don't believe there was a clear path forward for this.

Hi Mike,

thanks for your reply! For me these improvements to the metronome UI would be very beneficial so I'll be looking forward to that. If the smart button with selectable tempo might be available earlier that would already solve the problem I'm facing right now, that would certainly be terrific!

I wasn't even aware before that the song tempo metadata is linked to the selection in the metronome UI. I think that is totally fine. The crucial thing that is missing is that in the case of a song that has multiple tempos (whether that be sections of the song or different tempos for practicing) it is important to be able to change the tempo with a Smart Button or some other touch action without having to open the metronome UI and then the dropdown in it. I would say anyone that would like to manage the tempo selection via a Smart Button (like me) should be ok with that updating the song tempo metadata (maybe adding the selected tempo by the Smart Button and not replacing the whole previously defined metadata?).

As for the link points (I hope it is not impertinent to ask again): Do you already know when a larger number will be possible? And will it have a larger limit or no limit?

@BRX, Geoff, itsme: Thanks for your quick answers! I do realize that the possibility of csv-splitting exists. But first of all I'm on a very tight schedule that does not allow me to experiment right now. Also if I assume correctly the csv-method would mean that I have to first delete my pdf from MobileSheets and reimport it and that is a non starter because I would lose all annotations. I will consider this for the next time however. I will go to splitting the songs with the "create snippet"-function

@Geoff: I think writing off suggestions as "nightmare" is not very helpful as this is the section of the forum called "Feature Requests and Ideas". Also if you really think this through I don't agree that this already has an easy solution because there are still a lot of pieces that are not separable (like a longer song or a movement from a classical piece) and still require multiple, possibly many tempos and linkpoints.

I put increasing the link point limit on the list for 3.9.0. I've had major distractions with things like the Google Drive verification process which I mentioned in the news section, so it's definitely pushing back the schedule on these efforts.

Sorry, Mike, if that sounded impatient! I always understand that it takes time to implement significant changes. I am looking forward to 3.9.0 then and it's nice to hear that the link limit will increase somewhat soon!

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